Advanced users: Changes to mail headers

People using advanced filtering may need to change their filters based on changes soon to occur to FastMail.FM headers. If you are an advanced user of FastMail.FM filters, you should read this forum thread.

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New feature: Use ’shift’ key to select range of emails

On the mailbox screen, you can now select a range of emails, by clicking on the checkbox of the first one you want to select, and then holding down the ‘shift’ key and clicking on the checkbox of the last one you want to select.

This only works in browsers with advanced javascript capabilities (eg. IE5.0+, NS6+, Opera 7+)

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Upgrade for guests: More “personalities”

All guest users now have access to a fantastic upgrade – you can now use up to two personalities. This can be used to set up separate work and home email addresses, folders, and signatures, for instance.

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New feature: Automatic filing of external mail

Using the ‘POP Links’ feature you have always been able to retrieve your mail from Hotmail or your ISP into your FastMail.FM account. But, many people asked if these messages could automatically be filed into a folder that they select. Well, now that is possible! Just click Options, then ‘POP Links’, and choose the folder you want each POP link filed into.

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October newsletter available

The October newsletter has now been sent to all users who have set their Communication Frequency preference to “Informative” or “Chatty”. You can also read it online.

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New stylesheets available

Thanks to the generosity and creativity of many FastMail.FM users, there are now many more stylesheets to choose from! Click “Options” and then “Account Preferences”, and then pick a stylesheet. The new ones are after “USA” in the list. With the new FastMail.FM country domains (like ‘’) and the new “flag series” of stylesheets, you can really show your patriotism!

To preview all stylesheets, have a look at the FastMail.FM stylesheet gallery. Many thanks to hard-working FastMailer Lisa for developing and hosting this gallery.

Thanks also to Kurian for his thoroughness in testing all the contributed stylesheets so carefully, and a special mention to stylesheet-artist Dave, who has had an amazing 23 stylesheets chosen as official FastMail.FM selections!

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New domains available, including ‘FastMail.US’

Three new domains are now available, which you can use for aliases or your primary username:


In addition, the name will be available by October 15th.

If you wish to add an email address in one of these domains, click ‘Options’ and then ‘Aliases’ (requires at least a ‘Member’ level account).

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New spam protection released

We have now released the new spam protection system. The new system protects Full and Enhanced users from spam with many great new features, including:

  • One click setup for the most common settings, or complete customisability for the power user
  • An improved rules and black list database to catch more spam than ever
  • Address book whitelisting allows you to ensure that emails from people you know are never classified as spam
  • Subject line rewriting allows you to instantly see the spam score of suspect emails
  • Now using the latest spam protection system (SpamAssassin 2.60)

If you are not yet a Full or Enhanced subscriber, now is a great time to upgrade to use these new features! Just click Options, and then Upgrade, once you have logged in.

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New compose screen released

We have now released the new compose screen. The new compose screen includes many improvements including:

  • A much cleaner layout, while adding more power and quicker access to common features (eg one click Format/Spell Check/Save Draft)
  • An intelligent “quick list” that stays filled with your most commonly used addresses automatically
  • Real time address expansion. Nicknames and partial names in your quick list are automatically expanded when you leave the To/Cc/Bcc field
  • Ability to quickly insert a note from your notepad into any email you compose
  • Please post any comments/problems on our forum here

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