Second FastMail merchandise shop

We have created a second FastMail merchandise shop, this one filled with products with the yellow “@” logo. The shop with the swish logo products is of course still available also. If there are certain other products you’d like to see either logo on, please let us know!

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Update your preferences for Daylight Savings transition

This weekend Daylight Savings Time will start or end in some parts of the world (Europe, Australia, etc). The Americas will change the clock a week from now. To ensure that the time within Fastmail is synchronized with the timezone of your location, you will need to update your preferences to reflect any change caused by the daylight savings transition. To do this, go to Options -> Account Preferences and select your updated timezone, being either the normal one or the daylight savings one.

For more information on daylight savings and when the transition will take place in your country, please see

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Congratulations to, the home of the FastMail.FM Forum, for reaching the impressive milestone of 100,000 posts. Many thanks to all the FastMail.FM members who have made the FastMail.FM forum the most popular, with over 50,000 posts in a little over a year! Most questions on the forum are answered in 5-10 minutes, so it’s a great place to get help if the FAQ doesn’t answer your question.

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SMS testing help wanted

We are testing a new SMS infrastructure. Please help us by testing that your mobile phone network is supported. For details, see this forum thread.

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FastMail.FM forum split – have your say

The FastMail.FM forum is really popular – perhaps, too popular! Some people complain that there are just too many posts to be able to keep up…

Therefore, we are considering splitting the forum into 2 or more topic-specific sub-forums. We would love to hear your feedback on this issue. If you have any comments, please join this thread. Thanks!

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March newsletter now online

The March newsletter is full of information about what’s been happening at FastMail.FM. We hope that you find it interesting!

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Old news archives now in this weblog

We previously used a XHTML-based system for reporting FastMail.FM news; now, of course, we use this weblog. Onno has now kindly completed a system for importing all those old news archives into this weblog. You can use the links to prior months on the right to view these articles. The title for any imported article is always “Imported older news”, since the previous system did not have article titles.

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Latest news now more up to date

The ‘latest news’ that appears on FastMail.FM is now taken directly from the ‘News’ category on this weblog. Therefore it will always be up to date as any announcements are made.

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Sieve script tester for advanced users

Advanced users can use the Sieve language to write their own filtering and forwarding logic. Thanks to SanjaySheth, people using Sieve can now check these scripts using the Sieve tester.

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Commented stylesheet for CSS authors

There is now a syntax-highlighted, hyperlinked, commented, and neatly laid out stylesheet template for CSS authors.

Generous forum poster Snsh has organised and commented the default FastMail.FM stylesheet, to help budding stylesheet authors. And SanjaySheth has created a fantastic tool for syntax-coloring stylesheets and creating automatic links to CSS definitions. Many thanks to these talented people for this great resource.

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