Scheduled outage

We are installing an operating system upgrade today which will improve the speed of FastMail.FM’s servers. There will be a ten minute outage at 3am New York time. To find the time of the outage in your area, please see this list of places and times.

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Stylesheet fixes

Yesterday the Naturals and Deep Purple stylesheets were displaying very small header text in some browsers (Mozilla, Netscape, Phoenix…) . This is now fixed and these stylesheets are displaying fine again.

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Spamcop listing

One of our servers is currently listed by Spamcop. Due to this listing you may find that some emails were returned to you citing the Spamcop listing. Emails will only be returned by systems utilizing Spamcop as a blacklist, which Spamcop itself warns against doing, as it will likely block many legitimate emails.

We have changed our server to send messages through a different IP so no further emails will be blocked. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the listing. Although it is impossible for a Spamcop listing to correctly reflect an active spammer using FastMail.FM (because our automated systems immediately lock out spammers), problems with the Spamcop listing algorithm nonetheless cause FastMail.FM to be listed from time to time.

If you were impacted by these problems in Spamcop’s algorithms, please consider contacting the person you were sending to through some other means, and ask them to send the following to their ISP:

Dear email administrator,

I recently had an important email blocked from reaching me. This email was blocked because you use the “Spamcop Blocklist”. The email came from a server that does not have any active spammers.

Spamcop say about their blocklist (at :
This blocking list is somewhat experimental and should not be used in a production environment where legitimate email must be delivered… SpamCop is agressive and often errs on the side of blocking mail – users should be warned and given information about how their mail is filtered. Ideally they should have a choice of filtering options.

Is your service not a production environment where legitimate email must be delivered? Why have you not warned me and given information about how my mail is filtered? Do I have any filtering options, as Spamcop suggests?

Can you please either remove the Spamcop blocklist so that in the future important email to me is delivered, or give me the ability to opt out of this system?

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Half-price promotion

The December half-price subscription promotion has been extended until January 15. We have had a number of you ask for an extension, since many folks gave gift certificates for Christmas but the recipients are on holiday until after the promotion expires.

As a reminder of the promotion: we are offering new and upgraded Full and Enhanced accounts for half price. Your first year’s Full subscription will be just $9.95 (normally $19.95) and Enhanced will be just $19.95 (normally $39.95). If you are already a member or guest, just click ‘Options’ and then ‘Upgrade Account’.

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FastMail.FM weblog launched

Today we announced the availability of this weblog for the first time. Although internally we have been trying this out for a couple of weeks (which is why there are some sample posts and assorted ramblings below this) it has previously just been in test mode.

From this point, all announcements of status, features, and changes will appear in this forum as the primary source. We will continue to post to the FastMail.FM forum and send newsletters of course, but for all the latest news, uncluttered by other comments and questions, this is the place to come.

We have created this site in response to customer requests for a single source of up to date news. Many thanks to Onno and Nico for their hard work in setting this up. Note that this site is on a different server and network to FastMail.FM itself.

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